Our Work: Staff Assembly Benchmark Accomplishments

2018-2019 Made a recommendation to the Cabinet that an Ombudsman position is created for the university. The Ombudsman would serve as an independent resource to facilitate the informal resolution of conflicts and concerns of faculty and staff.

2016-2017 TCU Staff Assembly members voted to support the Tobacco Free Campus Initiative and voted to recommend the elimination of the 2 hours Personal Leave Policy. TCU

2014-2015  Made a recommendation to the Cabinet that employees be added to HR Policy Number 6.005 be amended to read as follows: “Reimbursement of full community college tuition will be provided for employees and dependent children who do not meet TCU admission requirements and attend Tarrant County College or a community college in a county adjacent to Tarrant County. This applies to employees and dependent children of eligible faculty/staff after one year of service.”Staff Assembly ended the academic year 2016-2017 with a ‘Summer Chill Out” on May 19, 2017, organized by the Staff Assembly Community Service team!

2012-2013 Provided in-depth information benchmarking TCU benefits compared to like institutions to the Chancellor

2011-2012 Vacation Benefits Equalization for exempt and non-exempt employees

2010-2011 In celebration of TCU’s 100 year anniversary in Fort Worth TCU provided 11 Community Service Opportunities

2009-2010  Benefits-eligible faculty-staff and emeritus faculty/staff in addition to their spouses or domestic partners may audit one course per semester without charge, provided that space is available.”

2008-2009 Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank Program (http://www.hr.tcu.edu/Policy6.070.pdf)

2007-2008 Community Service Leave Increased (no longer available)

2006-2007 Began inviting key university administrators to present at each meeting in an effort to be well informed about many aspects of the TCU Community.

2005-2006 Recommended the establishment UCAC; the University Compensation Advisory Committee (Joint proposal with Faculty Senate)

2004-2005 Establish College Resource Committee to provided support to TCU employee’s dependents who are preparing to enter college.

2003-2004 Local Community College tuition for dependents denied TCU admission
Tuition Reimbursement for Dependents not admissible to TCU

2002-2003 Equalization of Retirement Benefits Retirement Programs
Established Chancellor’s Award Staff Award for Outstanding Service