Our Work: Staff Assembly Benchmark Accomplishments

2002-2003 Equalization of Retirement Benefits Retirement Programs
Established Chancellor’s Award Staff Award for Outstanding Service

2003-2004 Local Community College tuition for dependents denied TCU admission
Tuition Reimbursement for Dependents not admissible to TCU

2004-2005 Establish College Resource Committee to provided support to TCU employee’s dependents who are preparing to enter college.

2005-2006 Recommended the establishment UCAC; the University Compensation Advisory Committee (Joint proposal with Faculty Senate)

2006-2007 Began inviting key university administrators to present at each meeting in an  effort to be well informed about many aspects of the TCU Community.

2007-2008 Community Service Leave Increased (not longer available)

2008-2009 Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank Program (http://www.hr.tcu.edu/Policy6.070.pdf)

2009-2010  Benefits eligible faculty-staff and emeritus faculty/staff in addition to their spouses or domestic partners may audit one course per semester without charge, provided that space is available.”

2010-2011 In celebration of TCU’s 100 year anniversary in Fort Worth TCU provided 11 Community Service Opportunities

2011-2012 Vacation Benefits Equalization for exempt and non-exempt employees

2012-2013 Provided in-depth information bench marking TCU benefits compared to like institutions to the Chancellor

2014-2015  Made a recommendation to the Cabinet that employees be added to HR Policy Number 6.005 be amended to read as follows: “Reimbursement of full community college tuition will be provided for employees and dependent children who do not meet TCU admission requirements and attend Tarrant County College or a community college in a county adjacent to Tarrant County. This applies to employees and dependent children of eligible faculty/staff after one year of service.”


2016-2017 TCU Staff Assembly members voted to support the Tobacco Free Campus Initiative and voted to recommend the elimination of the 2 hours Personal Leave Policy. TCU Staff Assembly ended the academic year 2016-2017 with a ‘Summer Chill Out” on May 19, 2017 organized by the Staff Assembly Community Service team!