Standing Committee Charges

The Executive Committee  is comprised of the Chair, Chair-elect, Historian, Parliamentarian, Treasurer, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, DEI Committee representative, and Committee Chairs.  At the discretion of the Chair, others may be included in Executive Committee meetings.

The Executive Committee shall appoint members and the Chair shall designate the chair of any such committee. Such members and chairs shall serve during that Staff Assembly’s Chairs term of office unless the committee is earlier dissolved or the Chair acts to remove a member of a committee of Chair.

The College Resources Committee shall be responsible for coordinating programs to educate TCU employees and their dependents concerning their benefits and the processes entailed in becoming a college student.

College Resource Chair:
Heather Confessore

The Committee on Committees represents the interests of the Staff in the structure, functions, and membership of the University Committees, and through the Executive Committee, to nominate members for all University Committees. The committee also nominates candidates for Assembly Offices.

Committee on Committees Chair:
Charles Dewar

The Community Service Committee shall be responsible for identifying, coordinating, and promoting community outreach projects.

Community Service Committee Chair:
Courtney Hendrix

The Constituency Committee shall be responsible for maintaining a list of current employees, assigning constituencies for each member, planning events that foster a sense of community for TCU staff and Staff Assembly, and for welcoming newly hired staff members.

Constituency Committee Chair
Caroline Sahba
Robyn Reid

The Election Committee shall assist with the initiating, publicizing, conducting and tabulating of nominations and results for all necessary elections. The chair of the Election Committee shall be the Assistant Secretary.

Election Committee Chair:
Reece Harty

The Media and Communications Committee shall be responsible for creating and maintaining the Staff Assembly website and any other media that promotes or communicates Staff Assembly activities.

Media and Communications Committee Chair:
Rob Glenn

The Policy and Advocacy Committee shall review and make recommendations to the Assembly concerning University policies, procedures, directives, etc. especially as they relate to advocacy for TCU Staff. The committee will also be responsible for identifying and addressing additional ways to advocate for the needs of staff at TCU.

Policy and Advocacy Committee Chair:
Wendy Gilbert

The Professional Development Committee shall be responsible for at least one workshop a semester.

Professional Development Committee Chair
Carrie Franklin